Alfred Gregory Eagers 

"Alfred's work is sometimes referred to as eclectic, but through his mastery of technique and medium, has three main, constant factors.
Firstly, the narrative principle, probably due to his work as writer and poet, is 'telling a tale' by conveying the elusive pimpernel of atmosphere or ambience - be it a landscape of the mystery of shadow, pending storm sky or the breeze through dancing poppies.
Secondly, his figures in many forms of posture, convey the very sense of accompanying elements - ranging, for example, from loneliness to the vibrant gipsy dance.
Thirdly, well known for his fine drawings as with his Eastern European Collection, he particularly enjoys the spontaneity of the 'in situ' sketches.

A long time admirer of the American artist, Andrew Wyeth, Alfred's watercolour technique of watercolour on tempera ground perhaps reflects this inspiration."

'Carts in Winter'
'Sunlight Copse'


'Girl at the Gate'

''I create and invest in my paintings and poetry to be seen and read; to capture a particular theme or meaning, to prompt the mind to see the deeper and richer aspects of human life.'' 
(2011, A. G. Eagers)