Limited Editions

Sea Wind Concept

Concept figure study

Limited edition of 50 prints

Media: prints

18" x 24"


One of a series of studies entitled "Conversations"

Media: Oil drawing and body colour

18" x 14"

Dying Dawn

Copy available free to Charities for publication
Contact for further details

Original work not for sale

Media: Oil

20" x 16"

Reaching Hands

In progress for a major commission entitled "Crux"

Media: Oil and body colour

18" x 26"

Woodcarts in Winter

After Grigorescu, Romania

Media: Watercolour and pencil drawing

12" x 10"

Signed prints available

"Oliver" Stage Set

Set design

Media: Pencil and acrylic

14" x 10"

Signed prints available

Illustration for a DVD

Media: Watercolour

12" x 18"

Available for sale or illustration
with copyright transfer