Working in various media including oil, watercolour, tempera and acrylic. Subjects include landscapes, seascapes, figures and narratives.

Tree Study (1)
Landscape at
St. David's,

Media: Oil/glaze

18" x 14"

Girl at the Gate

Pastiche after

Produced as coverplate illustration for a short story "The Girl at the Gate"

Media: Oil

20" x 16"

The Reaper

Posture study.

Media: Tempera Acrylic

22" x 16"

Picnic at Ramsey Island

Seascape with clinker boat

Media: Oil

20" x 14"

And You Never Came

Figure Study.
Saddened quietude

Media: Oil

15" x 11"

Dead Tree

Landscape at

Media: Oil/Glaze

20" x 16"



Media: Watercolour

16" x 12"


Rembrandt self-portrait.

Media: Glazed oil on

10" x 8"

The Blue Door

Foreshore Harbour,
Aberaeron, Cardiganshire.

Sunlight Copse

Figure study
with light and shade.

Media: Oil.

19" x 16"

Kelp Cart

Seascape with
Kelp gatherer.

Media: Oil.

18" x 14"

Child Study

Signed prints available

Study of seated
figure in loneliness

Media: Prints only available.

19" x 12"

Flotsam Boat

Still water at ebb.

Media: Watercolour.

10" x 14"

Tree Study (2)

Landscape at St. David's, Pembrokeshire

Media: Oil/glaze.

18" x 14"

Landscape at Scolton

Pembrokeshire landscape with figure.

Media: Oil.

13" x 10"

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